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We have an outstanding implementation record. We intend to keep it.

Years of field experience has taught us that an information technology solution can only benefit an MFI when it is part of a broader business improvement process. In addition, the technology solution must also be properly configured and seamlessly integrated into the MFI’s operations. To ensure this result, we have developed a 7-step implementation process which has enabled us to achieve our outstanding customer satisfaction record.

Step 1: Operational Review and Analysis

The cornerstone of our implementation approach is a comprehensive review and evaluation of the client’s operation, workflows, and policies and procedures. This enables us to tailor Kredits to the client’s unique business processes and ensure they get the most value from the implementation.

Step 2: Workflow and Process Optimisation

Based on what we learn during the business review and gap analysis stage, we provide the client with detailed recommendations on how to streamline their operation, improve productivity, reduce costs, and optimize their product portfolio. We then work on-site with our client to implement the recommended changes.

Step 3: System Parametization, Customization & Testing

Taking full advantage of the design flexibility built into the Kredits solution, our on-site engineering team conforms Kredits to the specifications jointly developed with the client. The objective – to ensure the technology and supporting infrastructure are installed properly and on schedule.  

If custom programming is required to meet a client need, we will complete this task on site to ensure it is done correctly and on schedule. We will also fully test and make any necessary adjustment to ensure Kredits is meeting all operating requirements. This testing will continue until the client is completely satisfied.

Step 4: Data Migration

Successful data migration is a critical component of a successful implementation. We take great care in seamlessly importing and reconciling all existing client data, whether supplied from database files, spreadsheets, or even handwritten ledger books.

Step 5: Client Training

Training is also critical to a successful implementation. Our team of skilled trainers will provide in-depth, on-site training to ensure everyone authorized to use Kredits can do so efficiently, accurately, and consistent with the client's policies and procedures.
Step 6: Implementation & Branch Visits

After completion of the data migration and client training stages, we will visit a selection of branch offices and deploy the ‘live’ database. During these visits, we will train the branch staffs and supervise data entry to ensure the branch is fully operational with the Kredits solution. 
Step 7: Client Services and Maintenance

Ensuring on-going client satisfaction is our highest priority. It’s why we provide around-the-clock client support and value-added system maintenance services. It’s our way of reassuring our clients that we will always be available to help them achieve their business objectives.

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