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Microfinance Technology Solutions

For over twelve years, we have led the industry in technical innovation and take pride that Kredits was one of the first microfinance technology solutions to support the Grameen model, one of the first to integrate a credit scoring module, and the first available in Chinese.

Our philosophy is simple - to continually develop and make available innovative and breakthrough technologies to increase MFI profitability, reduce financial risk, and improve operational performance.

Complementing our state-of-the-art technology is a commitment that every Kredits implementation is completed on-time and on-budget. 

At Kredits we recognize that outstanding technology is only part of the solution - that our MFI partners also require world-class implementation services. It's the reason we utilize a unique and proven 7-step implementation process which begins with a comprehensive analysis of our partner’s business operations and ends with a fully optimized solution that meets or exceeds the agreed performance requirements. In fact, because of the unique flexibility of the Kredits solution and our intimate industry knowledge, most implementations are completed in a period of between four to eight weeks. Ours is a proven approach and we are proud that, after twelve years, we still enjoy an outstanding implementation record and continued MFI partner satisfaction.