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MFI Challenges
Kredits Solutions

Analyze repayment rate patterns

Kredits allows the MFI to analyze the quality of repayment of their client. Kredits provides on-time repayment tools that allow the institution to understand how quickly clients repay their loans.

Centralized business data management

Kredits enables you to run your MFI across an unlimited branch network using a centralized database. This feature ensures that the head office has real-time access to all relevant branch information and can significantly reduce branch related IT and administrative costs. Each branch can be easily supported in the execution of their principal duties while the head office can ensure that established operating procedures, management, audit and security controls together with use of best practices and institutional governance are always maintained at all levels of the MFI’s business operations.

Comply with Sharia law

Kredits is being used in a number of institutions complying with Sharia law, including Afghanistan. The flexibility of schedule types offered in Kredits makes it an ideal technology for compliance with Sharia law.

Create audit trails

Maintaining detailed audit trails is easy with Kredits. Kredits records, tracks, and can provide reports on all system activities. For every transaction and data entry/modification action, you will be able to see who was responsible and the date/time that it occurred. Standard audit trail reports track all changes to installment schedules, close-out dates, loan modifications, and many more critical audit items.

Create customized reports

Kredits powerful reporting engine contains over 78 standard reports which can be filtered and grouped on more than 120 different client and account variables. Reports can display summary statistics or provide client detail by credit officer, branch, type-of-business activity, or loan amount. The system is designed for maximum flexibility so that if a donor or banker quickly requires a status report for just the loans they specifically financed, it can be easily generated with just a few mouse clicks.

All standard Kredits reports can be created in any currency. If different accounts are indexed to different currencies, Kredits can automatically convert them to one common currency for consolidated reporting.

In addition, Kredits offers you the ability to create innovative and proprietary dashboards that condense a set of information into one (or several) customized Excel reports. These reports are easy to create and enable you to quickly report on any set of key indicators.

Create new products

Kredits enables you to easily create new financial products that can be quickly and uniformly deployed across all branch locations. Unlike other MFI information management solutions that require you to contact the vendor in order to create a new product, Kredits encourages you to independently create new products using its powerful product creation features.

Ensure regulatory compliance

In today's environment, maintaining compliance with regulatory authorities and national banking institutions is critical. Kredits' powerful reporting engine and flexible user interface enables you to quickly generate virtually any type of report a regulatory institution may require. In addition, the internal controls and auditing capabilities Kredits provides makes it easy to quickly and accurately respond to regulatory requirements.

Improve internal controls

Kredits enables you to easily direct, monitor, and measure the performance and process compliance of your organization's staff and resources. Specifically, Kredits will help you ensure the following internal controls are in place: 1) only valid or authorized transactions are processed; 2) transactions occur during the correct period and are processed on a timely basis; 3) transactions are completely processed with no omissions; 4) transactions are calculated using the appropriate methodology and are computationally accurate; 5) all assets and liabilities of the organization are correct as of a given date; and 6) components of financial statements (or other reporting) are properly classified (by type or account) and accurately described.

Improve staff productivity

Kredits enables you to improve staff productivity by providing you with detailed performance metrics for each staff member. For example, the system will enable you to view important portfolio data such as drop out rates, repayment rates, and arrears, for each individual loan officer. This information can be used to develop improved staff training, hiring practices and staff incentive bonuses.

Increase client retention

Kredits provides the information you need to reduce drop outs and increase client retention. A series of reports are available to help you identify client drop out patterns and predictive indicators on a product, loan officer, region, and time basis. This critical information will enable you to quickly formulate and implement programs designed to increase client retention.

Multi-branch data consolidation

Kredits enables you to quickly consolidate all branch data into a single, centralized database so that you can manage, analyze and report the performance of your MFI operations across the organization as well as specifically for any branch, loan officer, individual client and/or group of clients. This approach helps you to maintain the necessary flexibility locally, while ensuring that you maintain accurate, timely oversight across all aspects of your MFI operations.

Reduce administrative and IT staff

MFIs that have implemented Kredits have been able to quickly reduce the size of their administrative and IT staffs as a result of the following operational efficiency improvements: 1) faster data entry and portfolio tracking; 2) automation of manual-intensive activities such as report generation, regulatory compliance, and transaction processing; and 3) simplified database management.

Reduce client default rates

Kredits allows your institution to readily identify any client arrears at any time as well as immediately upon entering the latest repayments. This enables you to quickly contact the client, determine the status of any missing payments, and make arrangements to help reduce the arrears. Experience has demonstrated that identifying arrears promptly and accurately, as well as contacting the client(s) in arrears, greatly increases the chance of repayment and helps reduce the likelihood of client default rates rising.

In addition, Kredits' Credit Scoring Module utilizes historical data and advanced predictive techniques to help you determine the risks associated with any loan and any client.

Reduce operating expenses

MFIs that have implemented Kredits have benefited from significant reductions in their operating expenses. These cost reductions were a result of the following operational improvements: 1) reduced staffing requirement due to streamlined data entry and portfolio tracking; 2) the ability to rapidly scale their client portfolio without the need to add additional staff resources; and 3) automation of manual-intensive activities such as report generation, regulatory compliance, and transaction processing.

Standardize forms

MFIs who implement Kredits immediately benefit from the use of the system's standardized forms which can capture any information you need to analyze and track. Kredits forms are easy to complete by either a client or loan officer and help maintain internal controls by ensuring proper and complete data entry.

Streamline transaction processing

Kredits enables your organization to batch process large volumes of transactions within minutes.

Track social indicators

Kredits enables you to track a wide variety of social indicators which can be used for credit scoring purposes and for generating reports on the social impact of your operation for donors, regulators, and investors.